The Castle of Malaspina: the precious finishes suggested by the constructor

The roof

il progetto di ristrutturazione all'insegna della domotica, del castello Malaspina

  • Covering A Marseillaise tile covering fixed on a planking structure of Swedish fir treated with wet – inhibitor.
  • Sandwich panel 01 cm (0,3937 inches) – 10 cm (3,93701 inches) expanded polyurethane – 01 cm (0,3937 inches) finished marine plywood.
  • Anti-condense mat Transpiring mat capable of enabling the transpiration of the wood and preventing the passage of the condense to the wood itself.
  • Wood Warping Truss with non-deformable and anti- wet laminated (or lamellar) wood.

The final structure of the new roof will be identical to the one represented above, which is conformable to the paragraphs 344-348 of the “Finanziaria 2007” (financial law) regarding the energetic requalification of the buildings (adopting such a conformity it is possible to benefit a tax reduction of 55%).
A kind of self bearing covering was designed in order to avoid the overloading of the walling below, which will be supported only from vertical not bulging forces. In any case a reinforced concrete riddle will be placed along the perimeter of the building. Such a riddle will be built INTO the present stony masonry in order not to ruin the beauty of the building’s exterior façade with facing concrete structures, which are not homogeneous with the original architecture. Upon this concrete belt will be eventually placed the new self bearing structure.

Inner view of the new structure of the rough wood
Working at the structure under process with biological products based on water
Final view of the new structure


 Stairs, balconies and landings

There will be an increase in value of the stairs under discussion, smoothing (where it is possible) the present stony elements; there will be a laid down of new brownstone elements, regarding the landings and balconies, obtaining the same result as the one reported in picture below, representing a walking surface linked with the stairs and the porch covered with a homogeneous material. A wrought iron banister treated with anticorrosive treatment will be provided and settled.

Entrance doors

An armoured entrance doors equipped of encoded lock “Mottura” and weatherproof external panel will be provided and installed and personalized depending on the details ordered by the territory adjustment council of Licciana Nardi.

Quality Certifications: A fundamental help is provided by the norm ENV1627, which defines a proved level of reliability of the armoured doors against attempts and misdemeanours.
The norm is not compulsory, thus, the companies that adjust their doors to the certification do it completely voluntarily.


Fastenings compatible with the guidelines of the territory adjustment council(commissione edilizia) of Licciana Nardi will be provided and installed. The choice is among the models reported below:

Wooden locks


Floor materials

It was adopted the following typology of covering for the flooring:

  • For all ground floors (all the rooms placed at the same floor of the entrance):
    • Terracotta tiles will be supplied and laid according to outline represented below:

    Posa a 45°

  • Supply and laying of treated ceramic tiles

Terracotta tiles could be chosen from the customer among the following typologies:

Rough terracotta
Sandpapered terracotta
Polished terracotta
Hand planed terracotta


The shapes of the tails offered could be selected among the following:



Our company is avaible to supply all the samples of everything that is shown in the images and it grants the visit to construction sites where these materials have been used already.

The terracotta flooring we supply is authentic and certified with the highest standards; furthermore it is biologically treated in order to preserve the product from greasy stains or any other liquid which could fall accidentally.




As far as inner finishes are concerned there is a wide variety of design solutions.
Biologic plasters are recommended for part of the inner walls.
We desire to give value to the former masonry and make (in their whole or portion of them) rustic stone walls.



Elettrical Installation

The realization of an aesthetically “old-like” electrical implant is suggested: cotton or silk electric cables, ceramic wall isolators and ceramic or power receptacles and junction boxes.
Everything is certified by the producers with EC and IMQ marking and conformable to all the actual ICE (International Electrotechnical Commission) norms in order to allow our Company to certificate according to the law number 46, 5th March 1990. Our certified supplier is Elettroclick (Punto Luce branch), placed in Via Castello 8, Sasso Marconi (

Technological Installations

The following installations will be arranged:

Multi-user satellite: A double distribution device with two parables for each hotbird Satellite for SKY connection. Each apartment will have a HD SKY decoder so as to reach High Definition television channels.


TV room: In each flat there will be a television installation made up of one ready HD LCD 42" with maximum resolution of 1080i.


INTERNET Installation
: Each apartment will be provided of an internet connection (both wired and wireless) with a maximum speed up to 40 Mbps. Every room in all the housing units will have a cabled connection point. The internet connection will be filtered with a centralized firewall service according to the D.Lgs (decree) 196/2003.


Access Control: The entrance to each housing unit is controlled by a fingerprint biometric proximity-card reader, where the fingerprint itself is memorized. A video camera is installed in the entrance of each apartment in order control the access. The images could be seen on the LCD monitor in the TV room.


Built-in Kitchens

The realization of built-in kitchen is suggested, which is a typology of work we have been specializing on projects for 10 years.

Aesthetical finishes

Fireplaces: where it is estimated from the project presented to the private building office (uffici di edilizia privata) of Licciana Nardi the future owner will be able to choose hearth among the samples.



A wide range of appliqués will be proposed and the purchaser will be able to choose directly from the samples.